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Root Canal Treatment In Chandigarh

Visit the best dental clinic in chandigarh,  and let’s talk about root canal treatment, shall we? So basically, if you have severe tooth decay or damage to the pulp (the soft tissue inside your teeth), your dentist may recommend a root canal. But don’t worry – it’s not as scary as it sounds! During the procedure, your dentist will numb the area and remove the damaged or infected tissue from inside the tooth. Then they’ll clean out the root canals and seal them up to prevent further infection. You may experience some discomfort afterwards, but most people find that over-the-counter pain relievers and a little rest do the trick. In fact, getting a root canal can often relieve pain that’s been bothering you for a while! And once everything heals up, you’ll be back to eating, drinking and smiling like normal again in no time.

Root Canal Treatment In Chandigarh

Tooth extraction was the only option for damaged, decayed, infected or cavities-affected teeth even in the recent past. But with the advent of root canal treatment and advanced restorative techniques, it is now possible to save and restore most of the affected teeth.

Treatment Procedure for Root Canal Treatment

Root canal Treatment cures the infection of the tooth. Infections can occur due to injury to the teeth, cracks, chips or long-neglected cavity, which penetrates downwards to infect the pulp (pulpitis) and nerve endings at the end of the root canal.
Root canal treatment is another way of preserving tooth in the oral cavity. While root canal treatment is considered an everyday procedure in a dental practice, but making it painless is a specialist’s forte. Our team of specialists have expertise in root canal & hone the skill to perform it painlessly.

Laser-Assisted Root Canal Treatment

Laser-Assisted Root Canal Treatment completely removes the debris from the canal. The LASER can absolutely sterilise the root canal by killing all the pathogens that cause the disease. There is no chance for root canal failure or recurrence of infection with LASERS. Well-controlled LASER beam protects the healthy tooth structure there is no need to remove the healthy portion of the tooth.

Microscope-Assisted Root Canal Treatment

With advancements in Endodontics root canal treatment has an extremly high success rate. Microscopes help to visualise even the minutest accessory canals and nullify the missed out canal issue. All the canals are accurately cleaned and shaped with the microscopes. Backfill obturation system helps to seal the canal without voids and eliminates the possibilities of microleakage.