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Best Dental Implant in Chandigarh – Dental IQ

The process itself starts with numbing down the gum area of the affected teeth by local anesthesia and waiting till the gum is numb so you should not feel anything except pressure sometimes but it won’t cause you any discomfort.


Dental Implant in Chandigarh
Dental Implant in Chandigarh

 Best Dentist in Chandigarh (Dental IQ) explained this Process:

Numbing down the targeted gum area by local anesthesia and waiting until it is completely numbed.

Then some space is created to fix the dental implant between the gum and the bone.

When the dental implant is inserted and secured then they place a cap upon it and let it heal for few months, some people may need stitches to get their gums healed.

After The Implant Treatment:

As per the Best Dentist in Chandigarh much of the time, there will be a smidgen of torment in the embedded region for 3 to 5 days yet the expanding will seem to quell soon. In any event, for aggravation, swelling and expansion prescriptions are given by dental specialists.



  1. Follow the prescription appropriately and opportune endorsed by your dental specialists and take no pain relievers or medicine without the specialist’s assent.
  2. Do icing over the day to let down the enlarging right in front of you.
  3. Eat delicate food or fluid food after your draining is halted.


  1. Do not smoke or drink as it can’t make your body carve out an opportunity to recuperate however can likewise prompt embed disappointment.
  2. Do not resolve or any weighty movement for the initial not many days as your body needs rest and time to recuperate.
  3. Do not eat something cool, hot, hard, chewy, or any sort of food that can tire your jaws from biting as it will cause torment and really expand.
  4. The Dental Implant in Chandigarh prescribes you to avoid brushing and flushing for some time, after checking your mouth’s condition your dental specialist will train you on when you can begin your standard oral daily practice.


Foreign body rejection doesn’t occur mostly but can happen. According to the Best Dentist in Chandigarh

  • If your swelling is not going down,
    • Assuming that there is extreme agony and distress,
    • On the off chance that there is deadness in your mouth,
    • Assuming that there is any trouble in biting or gnawing,
    • On the off chance that you are showing abrupt unfavorably susceptible responses
    • Gum downturn around the embed,
    • Free embed or embed showing miniature developments,

On the off chance that you feel any of these hardships, you want to get frightened because you might have an embedded disappointment and need to go to your dental specialist for additional treatment.