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If you need to fix crowded or crooked teeth, now you do not need to put on wired braces. Clear aligners are probably more appealing.

Clear Aligners are snug and provide an extra discreet approach for straightening teeth. Aligners such as ‘Best Invisalign in Chandigarh’ have a completely unique design that allows shaping abnormal gapped teeth, and corrects crooked teeth. Pooran Dental and cosmetic clinic provides full range of orthodontic treatment such as invisible braces (Aligners), self-ligating braces, ceramic braces and also provides advance cosmetic procedures. The clinic is headed by Dr Vivek Rana , who is Best Orthodontist & Invisalign specialist in Chandigarh.

When your jaws don’t align well with one another, you have what is known as a “terrible bite.” The scientific term for the misalignment of the jaws is malocclusion. According to Dr Vivek Rana , Invisalign proves to be the pleasant answer in such scenario. Clear aligners provide benefits over conventional braces. The biggest benefit is that they’re simply invisible; because of this that no one other than you and your orthodontist will realize you’re straightening your teeth.

Most individuals who get conventional braces with brackets and wires need 12 to 24 months of treatment. On the opposite hand, clear aligners have the ability to straighten your teeth in six to twelve months. With all these benefits, Pooran Dental & Cosmetic Clinic is providing a powerful treatment and transforming the smiles, which you can flaunt.

Medical technology has been improving at an incredible rate for the past several decades, leading to leaps and bounds in the quality of care for people. For this purpose,Dental clinic & Cosmetic Clinic is providing Best Invisalign in Chandigarh and also transforming their practices according to the latest trends. They are now using 3D scans, which is an advanced imaging utilizing technology to give an insight to their patients that how the after treatment results will look like. The 3D scanning also provides the precision to the orthodontists during the treatment, so that the patients can have the best & effective solution possible.

Clear aligners aren’t affixed to your enamel like conventional braces. Instead, they’re slipped on over the teeth and left in location for at the least 15 hours a day. This approach you can remove them to eat and drink. They also are greater comfortable than conventional braces. Since the material is easy and flexible, the clear aligners don’t include the risk of cuts from metallic wires and brackets.

Outside of Pooran’s technological focus, Dental IQ  Clinic provides advance Best Invisalign in Chandigarh procedures to emphasise on the aesthetics of the patient’s smile. Dental clinic & Cosmetic Clinic offers quality oral care at a fair price. From your child’s first cleaning to your next root canal, they will be there for you and your family, offering the best service and expert care.